We are ROCKS + STONES, A collaboration between two established masons with extensive experience in stonemasonry and all aspects of landscape construction.

Kevin- Co-Owner

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Working in the landscape construction industry has been his sole occupation for the past 15 years. Upon graduating from Olds College School of Horticulture- Landscape management major, he decided to move to Victoria to focus on starting a career.
Kevin has been very fortunate to work with highly skilled professionals of all walks of life. Before ROCKS and STONES masonry, he worked for a specialty landscape construction company here in Victoria and gained a wealth of experience.
From direct tutelage under a mastered Scottish stonemason to working closely with a Portuguese natural stone specialist, learning from a highly precise German construction specialist, talented artists, experienced businessmen, tried and tested managers and passionate entrepreneurs, he has grown himself and his business into what you see now.
“As I remember and honour those who have helped build me along the way, I hope to share with you the hard earned lessons and skills of my trade. It would be my pleasure to work with you to create the project of your dreams.” – Kevin Wilson

Ben – Co-Owner

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A third generation stonemason, Ben’s masonry roots run deep here on Vancouver Island. A relatively young talent in the trade, his dedication to his craft is apparent in every project that he completes.
From the age of 11 he began helping his Dad on job sites and by 14 he began working for his Uncle in the summers which fostered an appreciation for hard work and the unique satisfaction that one gets from creating things with their bare hands.
With a strong vision for the future and both boots firmly planted in the ground, he’s ready to make his mark as one of the best masons in the trade.