Metchosin Ocean view Project!


This has been a special few months for me, as I have been working on a very large project on a spectacular ocean front property in Metchosin. It doesn’t get any better than working on a site such as this, and for a truly great client.

The scope of this project is to completely overhaul the ocean side of this home. As you will see in a before picture in the slideshow below, we are in the process of turning a grassy slope and lawn area into a completely deer free usable outdoor living space. It will include a massive retaining wall in our signature ‘tight fit’ style, as well as a patio area with bench seating upon which the final views will be incredible.

A glimpse of some of the detail of the wall surface:


A slideshow of progress so far:

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A latest progress shot of the “great wall of Metchosin”, this wall will be both a barrier to create a deer free zone above, as well as retention for additional usable real estate above including a well manicured bocce playing area.


Once this great wall is complete, the patio area will begin. It will be built to highlight this perfect spot to enjoy the hummingbirds, bald eagles, seals, otters, and breathtaking views.





I’ll update you all again soon!

Kevin with ROCKS.

Real stone home facing.


Full bed natural blasted rock adorns this house near Thetis Lake, Victoria BC. Built to engineering specifications, this project pairs our classic `tight fit` style with modern home building methods.

Every stone we place is hand picked from our local quarry. Taking our time to find the best working material possible out of a mountain of freshly blasted rock, we have found that the best projects all begin with a solid rock pick!

You can find more pictures of our stone home facing in the stonework menu above.

Thank you for your interest in our works of stone.

Kevin with ROCKS Stonemasonry