Great wall of Metchosin update!

This masonry project is getting closer to completion by the day here in Metchosin. As I work to finish the lower set of steps, it is really starting to take shape.

Here’s a few shots of recent progress:

And a couple close-up shots of some finishing details:



IMG_2561 IMG_2617


I’ll be finishing more of this stonework over the next couple of weeks, so check in again for some new pics and the unveiling of the finished project when it’s complete!

Until then,

Kevin with ROCKS.

Metchosin Ocean view Project!


This has been a special few months for me, as I have been working on a very large project on a spectacular ocean front property in Metchosin. It doesn’t get any better than working on a site such as this, and for a truly great client.

The scope of this project is to completely overhaul the ocean side of this home. As you will see in a before picture in the slideshow below, we are in the process of turning a grassy slope and lawn area into a completely deer free usable outdoor living space. It will include a massive retaining wall in our signature ‘tight fit’ style, as well as a patio area with bench seating upon which the final views will be incredible.

A glimpse of some of the detail of the wall surface:


A slideshow of progress so far:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A latest progress shot of the “great wall of Metchosin”, this wall will be both a barrier to create a deer free zone above, as well as retention for additional usable real estate above including a well manicured bocce playing area.


Once this great wall is complete, the patio area will begin. It will be built to highlight this perfect spot to enjoy the hummingbirds, bald eagles, seals, otters, and breathtaking views.





I’ll update you all again soon!

Kevin with ROCKS.

Revisiting a classic granite column in Oak Bay.

It is always a pleasure to keep in touch with our past clients, and to recall the experience of building such special projects for great people.


A truly one-of-a-kind piece, this granite column and lamp post was designed by our client and built to match the existing style of a column on the property. The design allowed for some freedom of expression with the inclusion of beautiful black and golden/orange stone as inset pieces.

A panoramic view of the entire piece:


A great way to improve the safety of any property, lamp posts such as this shed light over a large area and help deter unwanted visitors while welcoming your guests.

Until next time,

Kevin with ROCKS Stonemasonry.

Metchosin front entryway update!

As I get closer to completion, the project really starts to come together in a special way. The finishing details are the most fun to work on and it’s always a pleasure to see my clients excitement build too.

Here’s the detail of the pathway that is all laid out and ready to be bonded and grouted to the concrete pad:


The staircase is really the crown jewel of this project, and with the ‘cheeks’ completed and the slate laid out for the treads it’s becoming clear what the final product will look like.


Next week I will unveil the finished product! Plus now that the stonework is complete there will be a handrail installed.

Until then,

Kevin with ROCKS.


Metchosin front entryway construction!

The start of a brand new front entryway!

Converting grass and garden bed into a solid stone surface to guide visitors and family to the actual front door of this oceanfront home in Metchosin, Vancouver Island BC.




As I begin to finish the staircase and layout the bluestone along the path this project will really start taking shape.


Yet to have it’s stone “cheeks” built, this stairway will include a lamp post to light the entrance and guide people safely down the pathway.

More to come very soon!

Kevin with ROCKS.

Staircase testimonial!

This grand stone staircase built in the Highlands of greater Victoria, Vancouver Island was the highlight of this past season for me.¬† As the main entryway of the property it had to be both beautiful and highly functional. Here’s the before and after pictures:




It was my honour to receive this testimonial from my clients:

“We were both very pleased with the high level of expertise and work ethic that Kevin brought to the project. He did a terrific job laying out what the project entailed and what any anticipated concerns might be. He always kept us up to date and completed each phase as he described.

We live on an acreage outside the city so creating a lighting plan that was both visually pleasing and functional was a key component for us. Kevin was very accommodating and most helpful as we tried various lighting solutions to complete the project.

We love the finished look of our rock stairs and the aesthetic choices that he brought to the job.

Highly recommended!

Darren and Rosemary McGrath

As well as these two new photos showing off the lighting that we designed together:



It is always the most rewarding part of a job to get positive feedback from happy customers, and I’m looking forward to keeping in touch to see this project as it ages through the seasons.

Until next time,

Kevin with ROCKS Stonemasonry

Fall project inspiration!

As the nights get longer and the weather turns cooler here in beautiful Victoria B.C. Canada, there’s no better place to enjoy the fall then in front of a cozy fireplace.

This is also the time of year when outdoor lighting can make all the difference in securing the exterior of your home while welcoming guests towards the entrance.

Here’s a few examples of our fall inspired projects, fireplaces and outdoor lighting:

Until next time,

Kevin with ROCKS Stonemasonry

Fall patio fun!

This quick backyard patio space replaced a tired concrete mosaic patio and was built utilizing leftover bricks that the client had from a previous phase of their project.

It took a little longer than just three days to help transform this yard into the perfect backyard entertaining space for this young family.

Built just in time to capture the last few weeks of the patio season here in beautiful Victoria British Columbia Canada!

Until next time,

Kevin with ROCKS.

Complete Calgary Landscape!

This project brought me back to my hometown to work with one of my oldest friends to build a complete landscape for his young family’s brand new home in an award winning Calgary community called Mahogany.

Two and a half weeks of long days and intensive construction brought this yard from barren soil to finished product.

Like most brand new homes in the Calgary area, the developer left this yard with nothing more than a concrete slab and bare roughly graded soil. The garage was built by another friend of the home owner named Jamieson and his company Vivid Builders. If you are looking for top quality craftsmanship and a great customer experience in the Calgary area, give Vivid a call.

As you can see by the before picture of this project, it doesn’t take much time for a forest of weeds to grow!


Destruction began on day 1, and as with all of my projects it started with setting up string lines and initial marking of areas to be excavated and grades to be established. As you can see in the following slideshow, once the prep work for bricks was complete it didn’t take long for the hard surface to begin to take shape.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A panoramic shot of the completed brickwork ready for a high quality synthetic lawn and deck to be installed.


With the instant injection of green into the space the race was on to complete the fence, deck, and planters.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Once all of the finishing details were complete and plants were in the ground, it was finally time to take a step back and see the overall product of our long days of hard labour.





This project was a great experience for me as I couldn’t have had more fun working side by side with my old friend Joel to make this yard perfect for him and his beautiful wife Michelle and their GIANT dog Harvey. Especially considering that they are expecting their first child in a couple weeks!

A special thanks to the company where I began my career Mirage Landscaping Calgary for supplying us with all of the hardscaping materials we needed to get this job done.

I’ve got one more special small project to complete here in Cowtown until I’m back in Victoria,

So until then,

Kevin with ROCKS Stonemasonry.