Revisiting a classic granite column in Oak Bay.

It is always a pleasure to keep in touch with our past clients, and to recall the experience of building such special projects for great people.


A truly one-of-a-kind piece, this granite column and lamp post was designed by our client and built to match the existing style of a column on the property. The design allowed for some freedom of expression with the inclusion of beautiful black and golden/orange stone as inset pieces.

A panoramic view of the entire piece:


A great way to improve the safety of any property, lamp posts such as this shed light over a large area and help deter unwanted visitors while welcoming your guests.

Until next time,

Kevin with ROCKS Stonemasonry.

Staircase testimonial!

This grand stone staircase built in the Highlands of greater Victoria, Vancouver Island was the highlight of this past season for me.  As the main entryway of the property it had to be both beautiful and highly functional. Here’s the before and after pictures:




It was my honour to receive this testimonial from my clients:

“We were both very pleased with the high level of expertise and work ethic that Kevin brought to the project. He did a terrific job laying out what the project entailed and what any anticipated concerns might be. He always kept us up to date and completed each phase as he described.

We live on an acreage outside the city so creating a lighting plan that was both visually pleasing and functional was a key component for us. Kevin was very accommodating and most helpful as we tried various lighting solutions to complete the project.

We love the finished look of our rock stairs and the aesthetic choices that he brought to the job.

Highly recommended!

Darren and Rosemary McGrath

As well as these two new photos showing off the lighting that we designed together:



It is always the most rewarding part of a job to get positive feedback from happy customers, and I’m looking forward to keeping in touch to see this project as it ages through the seasons.

Until next time,

Kevin with ROCKS Stonemasonry

Custom stone staircases!

A collection of all of our recent staircase projects.

There are a wide range of suitable staircase products that provide everything from a rustic to a refined look. A well designed and thought out set of steps will add functionality and beauty to those otherwise awkward areas of your landscape.

Feel free to give Kevin a call at 1-250-538-8485 if you have any questions about a potential project of your own!



Entryway Completed!

This stone staircase/front entryway is officially complete today! The greatest project I have ever completed solo, this set of steps are the highlight of my season so far.

As you can see from the first picture the previous steps were far from inviting, and being situated in a secluded spot deep in the Highlands they were dark and dangerous at night.

Here’s a few of the highlights of the build:

A lot of hard work and all done by hand, this was certainly a challenge to complete in the heat of a very warm spring/early summer. I had a bit of fun with the lighting, and the fixtures pictured above were custom made to fit into their rock bases. I chose some local sandstone that once was part of their old steps and cored through it so that all of the wiring remains hidden, and this way the rock can be moved around if necessary.

Some projects such as this seem to work out exceptionally well. The existing large boulders provided a great frame for the new steps and the heights could not have worked out better to provide two identical sets of consistently 7inch riser steps.

On to the next but first I’m going to relax over the weekend and remember how much fun this build was!

Until the next time,

Kevin with ROCKS.

Front entryway getting closer to completion!

The weather has been hot and sunny here in Victoria, and this project is moving along nicely. This is the point when things really start to come together, as the Pennsylvania Bluestone slate was laid out for the stair treads and landing. I just had to see what these L.E.D. strip lights look like in place, so here’s how I left it today!


Looking forward to sharing the rest of the finishing touches with you shortly.

Until then,

Kevin with ROCKS.

Project Update!- Highlands front entryway

Another week has gone by too fast, but progress has certainly been made and it is all of these finishing details that will make the project truly unique once it is complete.

Each steps was built to be 12″ minimum at the edge of the deck and a consistent, graceful 15″ in the main stepping area as these steps curve and angle future pedestrians to the magnificent deck and front door to this log home in the Highlands of Victoria, B.C. Canada.




L.E.D. strip lights are roughed in, and slate will begin to be laid out next week!

Until then,

Kevin with ROCKS Stonemasonry

Custom columns with built-in L.E.D. lighting.

A group of three classic jointed columns were built to light the way down a staircase to the water from this gorgeous View Royal, Victoria BC home. These blasted rock columns incorporate very sleek L.E.D. lights and a hidden timer and outlet into their construction. Heat shrunk connections and accessible junctions make this system expandable, completely water tight, and built to last for many years to come.

A custom cap detail was furnished out of chunks of granite from our local supplier. Being a ‘cost plus’ job, these caps were created for very little cost to our client in place of a conventional granite cap which has the same effect for 5 times the price.

A fun build with a great view, this is one project that I can’t wait to revisit as the years go by.

Until next time,

Kevin with ROCKS Stonemasonry.