Complete Calgary Landscape!

This project brought me back to my hometown to work with one of my oldest friends to build a complete landscape for his young family’s brand new home in an award winning Calgary community called Mahogany.

Two and a half weeks of long days and intensive construction brought this yard from barren soil to finished product.

Like most brand new homes in the Calgary area, the developer left this yard with nothing more than a concrete slab and bare roughly graded soil. The garage was built by another friend of the home owner named Jamieson and his company Vivid Builders. If you are looking for top quality craftsmanship and a great customer experience in the Calgary area, give Vivid a call.

As you can see by the before picture of this project, it doesn’t take much time for a forest of weeds to grow!


Destruction began on day 1, and as with all of my projects it started with setting up string lines and initial marking of areas to be excavated and grades to be established. As you can see in the following slideshow, once the prep work for bricks was complete it didn’t take long for the hard surface to begin to take shape.

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A panoramic shot of the completed brickwork ready for a high quality synthetic lawn and deck to be installed.


With the instant injection of green into the space the race was on to complete the fence, deck, and planters.

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Once all of the finishing details were complete and plants were in the ground, it was finally time to take a step back and see the overall product of our long days of hard labour.





This project was a great experience for me as I couldn’t have had more fun working side by side with my old friend Joel to make this yard perfect for him and his beautiful wife Michelle and their GIANT dog Harvey. Especially considering that they are expecting their first child in a couple weeks!

A special thanks to the company where I began my career Mirage Landscaping Calgary for supplying us with all of the hardscaping materials we needed to get this job done.

I’ve got one more special small project to complete here in Cowtown until I’m back in Victoria,

So until then,

Kevin with ROCKS Stonemasonry.

Reclaimed brick projects for Biophilia design collective.

I’ve been busy these past few weekends building these various masonry elements with reclaimed brick for the awesome Biophilia design collective here in Victoria.

It is a really cool product to work with, as each piece is a unique chunk of our city’s history. While I was building these I couldn’t help but think of the mason before me who originally laid these bricks.  It is quite satisfying to give them a new home.

With a ‘sponged’ grout finish every aspect of this project feels as though it has been in place for some time.



And this custom front entryway completed this past weekend!

Until next time,

Kevin with ROCKS.


Spring project inspiration!

Whether you need a new retaining wall or have an idea for your dream backyard space, we are happy to help bring some more ROCKS into your life! Here in beautiful Victoria BC Canada we utilize the rock that is blasted right from Vancouver island and re-purpose it into precisely built works of stone such as these:

We are currently booking into mid June of this season, so please leave us a message as soon as possible to get your project underway to enjoy this summer! Email us at, or give Kevin a call at 1-250-538-8485 and we will be happy to discuss your project.