Fairfield front entryway

I recently had the pleasure of working on a beautiful house with a mature garden, in need of an updated front entryway. There are many very similar concrete staircases around Victoria. With a range of colour options for the stone facing, projects like this can have a big impact when it comes to giving your home an updated yet timeless look.

The existing concrete staircase had been painted numerous times over the years, and had become slippery and starting to peel.

So we stripped off the existing paint with a specialty grinder attachment, and adjusted the steps for a consistent rise and run in preparation for our stonework.

Also there was an additional bottom landing prepared, so that the new added height matched up seamlessly to the existing concrete pathways.

Now on to the fun part!


And the finished product:

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions about our process, please drop me a line at rocksstonemason@gmail.com

Until next time,


Great wall of Metchosin update!

This masonry project is getting closer to completion by the day here in Metchosin. As I work to finish the lower set of steps, it is really starting to take shape.

Here’s a few shots of recent progress:

And a couple close-up shots of some finishing details:



IMG_2561 IMG_2617


I’ll be finishing more of this stonework over the next couple of weeks, so check in again for some new pics and the unveiling of the finished project when it’s complete!

Until then,

Kevin with ROCKS.

Metchosin front entryway completion!

It has been challenging to deal with the weather, but luckily I was able to catch the right amount of sunshine to complete this front entryway today!

From grass to finished stonework, this staircase and pathway was designed to create a proper front entrance to this beautiful ocean front home.


IMG_1742 IMG_1751 IMG_1738 IMG_1743

Phase one of this grand project, it has been my honour to build this for a great man.


Until next time!

Kevin with ROCKS Stonemasonry

Metchosin front entryway update!

As I get closer to completion, the project really starts to come together in a special way. The finishing details are the most fun to work on and it’s always a pleasure to see my clients excitement build too.

Here’s the detail of the pathway that is all laid out and ready to be bonded and grouted to the concrete pad:


The staircase is really the crown jewel of this project, and with the ‘cheeks’ completed and the slate laid out for the treads it’s becoming clear what the final product will look like.


Next week I will unveil the finished product! Plus now that the stonework is complete there will be a handrail installed.

Until then,

Kevin with ROCKS.


Metchosin front entryway construction!

The start of a brand new front entryway!

Converting grass and garden bed into a solid stone surface to guide visitors and family to the actual front door of this oceanfront home in Metchosin, Vancouver Island BC.




As I begin to finish the staircase and layout the bluestone along the path this project will really start taking shape.


Yet to have it’s stone “cheeks” built, this stairway will include a lamp post to light the entrance and guide people safely down the pathway.

More to come very soon!

Kevin with ROCKS.

Bluestone pavers near Sidney!

This project near Sidney using little more than these basic tools is an add-on to patios I completed late last season. These various sizes of 1-1/2″- 2″ thick bluestone pavers are set in sand to allow water to drain through the surface.


Below is a custom made pad and step for an outdoor change-room structure.  These pavers are set in mortar, atop a poured concrete pad to allow for the structure to be soundly anchored to the stonework. The structure is being built right now so i’m looking forward to sharing the finished product with you!


A very versatile and beautiful product, bluestone is one of the only products that has a soft feel in hardscape applications. The feeling is quite pleasant compared to the rougher texture of concrete products.

Until next time,

Kevin with ROCKS Stonemasonry


Custom stone staircases!

A collection of all of our recent staircase projects.

There are a wide range of suitable staircase products that provide everything from a rustic to a refined look. A well designed and thought out set of steps will add functionality and beauty to those otherwise awkward areas of your landscape.

Feel free to give Kevin a call at 1-250-538-8485 if you have any questions about a potential project of your own!



Entryway Completed!

This stone staircase/front entryway is officially complete today! The greatest project I have ever completed solo, this set of steps are the highlight of my season so far.

As you can see from the first picture the previous steps were far from inviting, and being situated in a secluded spot deep in the Highlands they were dark and dangerous at night.

Here’s a few of the highlights of the build:

A lot of hard work and all done by hand, this was certainly a challenge to complete in the heat of a very warm spring/early summer. I had a bit of fun with the lighting, and the fixtures pictured above were custom made to fit into their rock bases. I chose some local sandstone that once was part of their old steps and cored through it so that all of the wiring remains hidden, and this way the rock can be moved around if necessary.

Some projects such as this seem to work out exceptionally well. The existing large boulders provided a great frame for the new steps and the heights could not have worked out better to provide two identical sets of consistently 7inch riser steps.

On to the next but first I’m going to relax over the weekend and remember how much fun this build was!

Until the next time,

Kevin with ROCKS.

Reclaimed brick projects for Biophilia design collective.

I’ve been busy these past few weekends building these various masonry elements with reclaimed brick for the awesome Biophilia design collective here in Victoria.

It is a really cool product to work with, as each piece is a unique chunk of our city’s history. While I was building these I couldn’t help but think of the mason before me who originally laid these bricks.  It is quite satisfying to give them a new home.

With a ‘sponged’ grout finish every aspect of this project feels as though it has been in place for some time.



And this custom front entryway completed this past weekend!

Until next time,

Kevin with ROCKS.