Staircase testimonial!

This grand stone staircase built in the Highlands of greater Victoria, Vancouver Island was the highlight of this past season for me.  As the main entryway of the property it had to be both beautiful and highly functional. Here’s the before and after pictures:




It was my honour to receive this testimonial from my clients:

“We were both very pleased with the high level of expertise and work ethic that Kevin brought to the project. He did a terrific job laying out what the project entailed and what any anticipated concerns might be. He always kept us up to date and completed each phase as he described.

We live on an acreage outside the city so creating a lighting plan that was both visually pleasing and functional was a key component for us. Kevin was very accommodating and most helpful as we tried various lighting solutions to complete the project.

We love the finished look of our rock stairs and the aesthetic choices that he brought to the job.

Highly recommended!

Darren and Rosemary McGrath

As well as these two new photos showing off the lighting that we designed together:



It is always the most rewarding part of a job to get positive feedback from happy customers, and I’m looking forward to keeping in touch to see this project as it ages through the seasons.

Until next time,

Kevin with ROCKS + STONES masonry

Rustic Blue Granite Steps

Matching an existing set of granite steps, these blue granite chunks of stone were hand picked from a quarry near Shawnigan lake.

Step one (so to speak) was to excavate by hand in this beautiful, fully matured poolside garden. Setting up stringlines, checking and rechecking levels, and careful planning was key to make them consistent in height and depth. Next roadbase was brought in and well compacted under each step in preparation for pouring a mixture of concrete sand, type 10 cement, and roadbase to embed each of these large stones.

Once each step was set the area was cleaned and prepared for grout. Using a jointer a sand and type ten mixture was pressed and worked into each joint allowing the edges of the stone to sit only slightly prone. A sponge finish added a slightly weathered look and helped make them feel as though they have always been in their new home.


Rustic Blue granite


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Until next time!